For the past 14 years VSS, LLC and Nursing Home Carts have been providing innovative mobile and in-room solutions to Nursing homes, LTC facilities and hospitals. Our goal is to supply reliable and affordable solutions for nursing and clinical support, to deliver services more efficiently, while improving patient satisfaction and bottom line performance.

Our solutions will help deliver these services to the patient bedside for more quality and accurate care. We want to help our customers to:

  • Deliver better care. The patient feels the greatest level of comfort when nursing is with them at the bedside.
  • Improve data accuracy and improve patient safety.
  • Access real-time patient information which will allow caregivers more time to interact with patients and families
  • Ensure Nursing is able to readily enter and access patient information using secured, wireless technology where it is needed most – at the patient bedside.

The Nursing Home Cart solutions include on-site consultation, evaluations and trials, set-up and integration services. Our hand selected line of products has been designed with nursing and point of care in mind. Our solutions can be modified or customized to meet your unique facility requirements. Our innovative solutions can be designed and retro-fitted into your existing equipment. Please email us or call for details [email protected]